Understanding needed


LITTLE priority is given to child protection due to a lack of general understanding about violence against children.
This is among a list of findings from the Save the Children report on The Children Protection Systems in PNG which was launched yesterday.
Family PNG operations manager Denga Ilave said there was a big need for crisis accommodation for children while their cases were processed.
She said more than 10 child abuse cases in Lae had been committed through the national court and two of them were prosecuted.
“Two of those cases have been prosecuted and we are happy for those results and it’s the collective efforts of everyone that’s working together,” Ilave said.
“Our programme is to provide case management services to family and sexual violence survivors and child abuse.
“We basically receive those high-risk child-abuse cases from partners that we work with in Lae.
“We also do receive referrals from other provinces as well. We have many cases that are committed, go through the district court and magistrates would strike out the case because of lack of evidence.
“Children’s Crisis Centre in Lae has very limited space to accommodate children needing immediate crisis accommodation.
“Child abuse cases are very critical and have to be placed where they are safe and we still have child abuse cases that need crisis accommodation.”
Ilave acknowledged the many non-governmental organisations and faith-based organisations that were providing services and awareness in terms of prevention.
“I would like to recognise many of these NGOs that we work together. I hope that with all these challenges, we can work together.
“With the report that Save the Children has launched, it helps me feel supported.
“I’m sure that many others, who are working in remote villages and communities who cannot be here to witness this launching, will appreciate what has been done so far.”

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