Uni boasts rise in intakes


DIVINE Word University is one of the eight universities in Papua New Guinea and since 2011, enrollment had grown by 10 per cent annually says Francis Marus.
Marus, who is the Higher Education Research Science and Technology minister said the country has almost 25,000 students sitting for Grade 12 examinations and only 5000 does makes through the tertiary level.
“DWU had contributed so much in terms of absorbing the huge backlog.”
He said according to the IHE (Institute of Higher Education) survey conducted from 2011 to 2016 enrollment for DWU increased from 2315 to 3287.
Marus said interestingly the number of female students enrolling at the DWU for the period was almost equivalent to number of male students.
“This is an indication of more females having access to higher education now then in the past improving the PNG Gender Equality Index,” he said.
“DWU continuous to train and develop the skill human capital of PNG in the areas of business management, education, humanities, social science, medicine and science to name a few.
“And from 2011-2016 the number students at DWU had grown by 17 per cent.
“For the same period the figure for the graduands from DWU along went from 955 to 1114
Marus acknowledge the DWU staff, management and governing council to bring the university
this far and ensuring that the university continuous produces quality.

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