Uni, colleges not the only way to better ending


Heard of people complaining and criticising students who graduate from universities and colleges not able to secure employment and staying at home, roaming the streets, engaging in informal business or working in jobs well off their line of study?
The answer is simple. They didn’t graduate with good GPA or the courses they studied are not on demand or they are too lazy to find jobs.
Many tend to think that once you graduate from a uni or college, you are destined for employment and all the luxuries that comes with it.
If you are one of those having similar thoughts, you’d better wake up and come out of Disneyland.
From my observation, most employers, especially the private sector, choose those with experiences over those who had just graduated as they want productive people.
It’s usually a trend where after graduating, most want to start in higher positions rather than from bottom.
Mind you, CEOs and MDs of almost all companies did not occupy those positions overnight, they started from scratch and made their way up and this takes years and a lot of patience, perseverance and loyalty.
Alternatively, why worry about being employed when you can be your own boss? The government is emphasising about small and medium businesses and is putting money into banks (MicroBank and NDB) for the simple Papua New Guinean to acquire a loan, set up and venture into business.
Most successful entrepreneurs of today did not come through uni or colleges.
The simple and basic knowledge about reading and writing, plus and minus, is all you need.
If you let your mind get clouded with all sorts of negativity, you won’t make a change in your life.
Come out of your comfort zone, start thinking out of the box, be creative and innovate and start something now or else you can dream on your aims and goals and dwell on it for the rest of your life.

Samson J Hirow,
Port Moresby

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