Uni student leaders’ lawyer facing contempt


A LAWYER representing University of PNG student leaders during the protest and unrest in June is to face a contempt charge for failing to comply with a court order restraining students from boycotting classes.
Justice Hitelai Polume-Kiele told UPNG lawyer Daryl Kamen to serve a contempt motion on Student Representative Council lawyer Laken Aigilo.
Kamen told the court yesterday that he had already served Aigilo the motion when the matter was heard in court.
But the judge said the court was not aware of the service of the motion because there was no affidavit filed by Kamen to inform the court of what he had done.
She adjourned the matter and directed Kamen to file an affidavit to inform the court whether Aigilo had received the contempt motion.
The Waigani National Court on June 8 had ordered that SRC president Kenneth Rapa and others were restrained from boycotting classes at the university and conducting activities which were contrary to their enrolment.
The orders restrained the student leaders and members from barricading, locking lecture rooms, threatening and assaulting staff of the university.
Aigilo will have to explain to the court why he had advised the 5000-plus students not to comply with the court orders.

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