Uni students learn to calculate lifespan with the Bible


CHRISTIAN students at the University of Papua New Guinea have learned a new formula in calculating a person’s lifespan which they believe to be a revelation in human mystery.
Assistant registrar of the National Court and young Christian advocate David Gonol in a fellowship last Tuesday at the campus, came up with a new formula to calculate the life span of persons with their respective ages.
He said the references he got for the formula were all from the Bible itself to prove and not from other sources.
He told the students that it was all about committing to God their whole life which would make them innovative.
Gonol said that with God all things were possible and he urged students that to know the mysteries in life it needed total commitment to God.
He challenged students to think differently and know their intelligence with God’s help.
“Know that you can do many great things without any single knowledge required and with God great things can be done and achieved,” Gonol said.
“The knowledge we gain here is secondary compared to the primary knowledge from God, which is wisdom.”
He said the formula would be uploaded to the web for people to see and also a book on the subject would be published as well.
The president of Lutheran students at the university thanked Gonol and said they were awed at how he came up with the formula.
“It is a challenge to us students and Christians to stay true to God for such things to come by in our lives.”
He thanked Gonol for showing them a new way to view their lifespan on earth.

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