Union seeks alternative housing schemes


THE Papua New Guinea Nurses Association is seeking an alternative arrangement for a nurses home ownership scheme after an agreement with the Government fell through, according to an official.
Association acting president Steven Nawik told The National that the housing scheme was to be implemented under the 2016-2018 agreement signed with the Government last year.
Under the agreement, a housing committee was to be established to work on the plans for the project. But the Personnel Management and Health Departments failed to address it.
“We were the first public sector union to take on the challenge. The problem we had was with National Housing Corporation (NHC). They probably had their own agenda,” he said.
“We completed all the administrative processes, retainers done, conveyances all paid, we had 200 plus nurses all waiting in National Capital District to participate in the housing scheme.
“They were all prequalified with the bank for the loan as their housing advance from Nambawan Super was transferred to BSP.
“The banks could not allow the project to go ahead because the land had to be developed.
“We need to have all the sewerage lines, power, water in place.
“National Housing Corporation never provided that so the banks said they will not release the money until these things are done.
“NHC has engaged a Chinese contractor who had gone ahead and put the houses at Duran Farm.
“There’s no sewerage line, no power and no water but the houses are already being built.
“Their failure has forced the association to go around and look elsewhere.”

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