Unitech receives K2.5mil grant, classes to continue


UNIVERSITY of Technology acting vice-chancellor Dr Ora Renagi has confirmed receiving a K2.5 million monthly grant for September from Treasury on Wednesday.
Renagi said there would be no disruption to classes at the Taraka campus.
“Treasury has paid in part of Unitech’s grant for the month of September totalling K2.5 million,” Renagi said.
Renagi, pro-vice-chancellor (administration) Dr Kaul Gena and bursar Diraviam Tharmaraj said on Monday that Treasury, Finance and Higher Education, Research, were inconsistent in allocating their monthly grants.
“The K2.5 million paid on Wednesday will relieve us a little to meet some of our critical debts, particularly for iPi Catering Services,” Renagi said.
He said Gena and Tharmaraj met with the firm and agreed to a debt repayment plan.
“iPi Catering Services is settled and will continue to cater for meals. There won’t be any disruption to classes” Renagi said.
Unitech has unpaid bills of more than K10 million and committed liabilities for October.
The budget appropriation (recurrent) for this year is K47 million.
Since then, K26 million has been paid and the remaining balance of K21 million to cater for the last quarter is yet to be paid.

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