UNRE students of Manus urged to help farmers


STUDENTS from Manus studying at the University of Natural Resources and Environment in East New Britain have been urged to return to Manus and assist farmers.
The manus community living in ENB issued the challenge during their provincial day.
Manus community representative Lucas Panau said people in Manus were concerned over a shortage of land for years, adding it limited agricultural development.
“Manus may or may not have rich soil or limited land but it depends on how limited our minds are,” he said.
“We can focus on developing agriculture in our communities to improve the lives of our people. If we try hard enough, we will see results.
Panau said rice would be a potential crop if people planted along the “many water ways” of the province.
“Why can’t we grow rice? We can feed the population if we start cultivating rice. It requires commitment from locals who have agricultural and commercial skills,” he said.

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