Upgrading settlements


HUMAN rights have a long history in constitutional law and PNG’s constitution already protects the full range of human rights.
But it was in 1945 with the establishment of the United Nations Organisation that really human rights were proclaimed to be a subject of international concern.
In particular, the right to social security is seen as a right that requires, for its fulfilment, for its realisation, efforts on the part of the State, dependent perhaps on the budget available for that State.
It is a right that requires for its realisation international cooperation.
In proportion, NCD governor, champion and former human rights lawyer has done the appropriate thing to foster partnership with UN Habitant to assist in funds, technicalities to settlement upgrade initiative and affordable housing project.
Subsequently, Prime Minister James Marape has shown overwhelming support of this great project implementation is a way forward to.
However, PNG does not have the legislation in regards to economic and social rights, such as a right to social security, require legislative action, and require legislative programmes to be implement accordingly.
Precisely, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, although it does acknowledge the interdependence, indivisibility, and equal importance of all rights, civil and political on the one hand, economic, social, and cultural on the other hand, does already acknowledge that perhaps economic and social rights, such as a right to social security, such as a right to food, such as a right to housing, such as a right to work, such as a right to health, may require a different approach.
Subject to settlement upgrade is the path to own a house and brilliant approach to that right which is not in incepted any of the legislation or constitution that may give power or rights to citizens, indigenous people to own house.
Particularly, NCD governor, settlement upgrade team leader and member for Moresby South respectively, can be given a thumbs up for exceptional task in propelling through this challenge to deliver. So that underprivileged people in NCD Settlements may have allotments to build or own a house.
The way forward to this initiative is, there was house hold survey conducted last year 2018, and subsequently outgoing land minister has already compulsory acquired bulk of settlements in preparedness for this project.
There are still outstanding land portions awaiting to undergone compulsory acquisition which is now under the jurisdiction of new Lands and Physical Planning Minister to continue the good work unfinished.
On that note, the NCD underprivileged and marginalised people have the responsibility to corporate in every way with the municipal, authorities and settlement upgrade team in preparedness to receive such lifesaving investment.

Alex H Jafa – CITY WATCH