Urame calls on authorities to address illicit practice


A CHURCH leader says sorcery is a spiritual issue which challenges the roles of the churches and Christian theology to address it amicably.
Evangelical Lutheran Church head bishop Rev Jack Urame called on the government legislative and judiciary systems to identify ways to address it.
He told a three-day national church role and sorcery conference in Lae yesterday that the churches and Government required the support of the people to address it.
Urame said sorcery continued to increase and jeopardise the well-being of the society.
He said the torture tactics practised included the use of hot iron rods, guns, knives and axes, burning people alive in their houses.
Urame said the Highlands recorded the most cases followed by Mamose, Central and New Guinea Islands.
“These are horrific and senseless acts of violence and killing allegedly for practicing sorcery-witchcraft,” he said.
“The Lutheran church denounces all forms of evil.
“We haven’t been totally free from cultural beliefs as they resurface and the impacts and degree of violence are unimaginable.”
Dr Eric Kwa, the Constitutional Law Reform Commission secretary, Dr Lawrence Kalinoe, the Justice and Attorney-General department secretary and Anna Solomon, the Community, Development and Religion department secretary attended the conference yesterday.

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