US-based non-government organisation seeks partnership


A US-based non-government organisation – Niugini Foundation – is seeking partnership with local parliamentarians, government entities and other stakeholders in delivering services to rural PNG.
Foundation chief executive officer James Kisa said from Texas, US, that he wants to make sure the rural population must have access to education, health and technology.
“These are Niugini Foundation’s three key strategic programme for people of Papua New Guinea,’ he said.
The foundation had been shipping containers of medical, education and technology supplies for rural student population. Kisa lauded his partners; the Mineral Resources Development Company managing director Augustine Mano, Works Secretary David Werrah and the Kuare LLG in Ialibu-Pangia for helping to bring this vital tools to the students.
It has shipped two 20-foot container to Kuare and Erave high schools in Southern Highlands and two 40-foot library book container to Ijivitari electorate in Northern.
He thanked freighter – Mapai Transport – for delivering.
For more information, contact  [email protected], 0+1 817 966 2102 or through the facebook page – Niugini Foundation.

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