US edge Mexico


US coach Michelle French made only two changes in the second-half of their quarterfinal against Mexico and it was a decision that led to their 2-1 victory.
Goals from Alleandra Watt and Kelcie Hedge ended Mexico’s run in the Under-20 Women’s World Cup at the Sir John Guise Stadium on Friday.
The Americans’ first goal was through Watt in the second-half to level the score with Mexico, who scored earlier through Maria Sanchez soon after the restart.
The scores were tied 1-1 by the end of regulation time, which led to the match going into extra time. Hedge scored for the Americans to edge Mexico and reach the semi-finals.
The US player-of-the-match Watt was satisfied with her team’s effort despite Mexico putting on a fierce challenge. French, in commending her players, said the victory was due to the determination of the players and the team officials.
“What brought us to victory were our peace of mind, attitude and determination towards the game,” French said.
She described the match as an intense encounter.
“Mexico was everything that we thought they would be and more,” she said. “It was difficult at times for us but my players managed to come out triumphant.”
She said her players believed that they would go into the second-half and get the result they wanted at end of the game.
The US will take on Asian contenders Japan while North Korea will meet France in the semi-finals tomorrow.

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