Use of green energy encouraged


THE use of green infrastructure will significantly reduce the cost of doing business in the country, according to the Asian Development Bank Institute dean Naoyuki Yoshino.
He referred to green infrastructure as hydro power, wind power and solar power which do not depend on fossil fuels.
Yoshino said yesterday that  Papua New Guinea was blessed with so many natural resources which could be used to generate energy for businesses.
“Papua New Guinea and the region (Pacific) have some good natural resources but they’re not used well,” Yoshino said.
He arrived in the country yesterday for a two-day forum on green infrastructure and poverty reduction in Pacific islands countries.
“Fossil fuels have been used but there is also a lot of sunshine and wind,” Yoshina said.
“There is solar power and wind power that can be developed to supply electricity to the local communities.
“We are now working very hard to help at community level green energy so that solar power can supply electricity to the community and wind energy.
“Sustainable growth and poverty reduction are very important in this region.
“If small businesses can have enough electricity and a small amount of money, they can produce many things.
“Papua New Guinea is surrounded by ocean and is rich with resources, which can be utilised fully.
“Tourism is another way to invite people that enough electricity is required to support the big visitors.”

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