Use your initiative: Sir Michael


EAST Sepik Governor Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare has urged the people to use their initiatives and do things for themselves.
Sir Michael told the people in Wewak last Friday that many of them had become successful in life.
“Since we took charge of our own country 41 years ago, Sepiks have taken the baton and run the race and many have been winners in their field of enterprise and expertise,” he said.
“Apart from doctors, lawyers and accountants, we have Sepiks who have success stories in agriculture, real estate, construction and many other trades and professions.”
He told the people that they were enslaving themselves by thinking they could not do anything.
“Yes we have challenges, we face it everyday but be mindful that we are not too hard on ourselves,” he said.
“We must recognise the contributions of our own people and importantly, praise them for their achievements.
“God has given us the power to do great things in our lives. We must not sit around like our pet dog or cat and wait for food and other offerings to be provided for us.
“Take ownership. Do things so that your family, community, province can be proud of you. Importantly, it will empower you.
“I encourage you today to look after our province. Your future is in your hands.”

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