Use World Cup as learning experience


I APPLAUD the PNG U-20 women’s soccer team for its efforts in the current FIFA World Cup tournament.
You have made the country proud amidst challenges and criticisms.
Your participation including the effort exerted to compete against some of the world’s best team in Brazil, Korea and Sweden in such a big international sporting event is a big win for the country, a milestone for those who have the eyes to see.
A goal scored against Korea, one of the best teams in the world is a bonus, an icing on the cake for PNG.
Although you bowed early out of the tournament, we would not see this as a defeat but the experience.
Being defeated doesn’t mean we are not capable of competing in such international event.
It only provides opportunity for us as developing nation to capitalise our development aspirations on our weaknesses to come out better in the next event.
As a developing nation, we have an inherent ability and capacity for growth, development and future success.
Nothing is impossible for those who have the eyes to see beyond mentally perceived borders and obstacles. Go girls, never give-up.
PNG has the untapped potential to beat the world in sports. Those untapped potential are in you.
So let’s learn from the opportunity given to us by our participation in this challenge and strive to patch the gaps.
Don’t be discouraged by the current result. Instead, be determined, committed and do a lot of hard work.
PNG can be the best in the world too. Who says NO?

Nehemiah Zerna Butu

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