Utilise provinces


MADANG businessman Sir Peter Barter has urged Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to hold more conferences such as Apec in 2018 in provinces outside Port Moresby.
O’Neill was in Madang last week to open the new wing of the Madang Resort owned by Sir Peter.
“We out in the provinces, we read about the marvellous infrastructure – roads, hospitals, schools, sports stadium, convention centres and mega hotels (in Port Moresby),” Sir Peter said. “While this maybe awe inspiring to those lucky enough to live in the capital (city), it is a constant source of concern to people living in the provinces who, as you can see, do not enjoy the same prosperity.”
He said the decline in the number of tourists visiting Madang was a concern.
He said the 2018 Apec meeting to be held in various provinces including Madang was a good example of the Government recognising the need to have smaller conferences and break-out meetings in the provinces. He hopes it will continue into the future.
Sir Peter told O’Neil that the Government was spending too much money in developing Port Moresby while ignoring other provinces.
O’Neil said the Government was operating on a very tight budget and had to allocate funds where it could achieve results.

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