Vaccine seen as safe


Gardasil vaccine is safe for women and girls to protect them from developing cervical cancer, Pacific International Hospital (PIH) obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr Mathias Sapuri, pictured, says.
It is a vaccine that protects women in  subsequent ages of life, Sapuri said.
“You can still get Gardasil vaccine above the age of 26. The global data show that you can be prevented if you are above the 26,” he said.
“This was done globally to cover the younger population because the younger you vaccinate them, you reduce the risk of getting human papilloma virus.
“Then you reduce the risk of them developing cervical cancer, so the message is vaccine, it’s very important.”
Sapuri said the HPV vaccination programme for schoolgirls in the National Capital District must be replicated in all provinces to protect the younger generation from cervical cancer.
“If you are a young girl between the ages of nine to 26, have a Gardasil vaccine done,” he said.
“We still need to encourage more and more young girls to come between the ages of nine to 26 to receive vaccination,”
Gardasil is available at PIH, pharmacies and other centres, and are given in three doses; you get your first dose, repeat it in two months and get your third dose six months after the first dose.

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