Vandalism blamed for city blackout


PNG Power Limited has blamed the power blackout in Port Moresby early yesterday on people throwing items onto the power lines.
Acting chief executive officer Alex Oa told The National that someone had tried to damage the major transmission line between Moitaka and the Kanudi power station which completely shut down the system at around 4am.
PNG Power engineers gradually restored power to the city from 7.30am.
PNG Power said a linesmen discovered that the transmission line to the ExxonMobil LNG power plant had bottles tied to a piece of wire and thrown over the line at Koukou outside Port Moresby.
He said the damage to the transmission line caused a lot of technical problems, including the gas generated power supply from Exxon Mobil.
“We have been enjoying a smooth flow of power supply to the city for some time now, but someone saw it fit to damage the transmission line putting the whole system into chaos,” Oa said.
Meanwhile, Oa said the water level at Sirinumu Dam was at 68 per cent and continued to dropping because there was no rain.
He said there was no guarantee of the next rain.

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