Vehicle sales deal gone wrong


A COURT has been told that a man had collected K15,000 from another for a vehicle he was selling but is yet to deliver.
Wagani Committal Court Magistrate Mekeo Gauli said the allegation against Gabriel Waik was serious and the case should proceed. But it has to await police to complete their investigation.
Waik, 53, from Londo village, Laiagap Pogera district in Enga was charged with falsely pretending to sell the vehicle to a Gabby Piakon.
It was alleged that on Oct 4 in Gordon, Port Moresby, Waik showed Piakon the vehicle he said was on sale.
Piakon allegedly gave him K15,000 but is yet to take delivery of the vehicle.
Waik will return to court on Nov 14.

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