Vendor puts bilum-weaving skills to use


By Memo Hauke
LEAH Simon is a Goroka woman who sells her bilum-woven products in Boroko, Port Moresby.
“My products are bilum-woven mostly and some are wool-knit with hooks,” Simon said.
“I have my relatives who help me to weave and some I even weave myself.
“My bilum-woven products mimic the culture of PNG from the traditional haus hut, Oro butterfly designs, Madang flying foxes, PNG flag-designed dresses and bilum.
“I add extra flavour to my other products because a lot of tourists pass by this area so I design their country flags – Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and other countries.
“Most of those flag designs have been bought already and I am making new ones.
“Most of my Eastern Highlands mothers make a living out of these sales.
“We are trying to form an association and work with Governor Julie Soso so that we prepare for the 2018 Apec (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) that will be hosted by our country.
“We have plans to make business proposals so that we can export our products to the international market.
“Our bilum products are unique and we can make money and bring revenue back to our country.”
Nami Mo, a Korean government official visiting the country on business, was pleased to be in Port Moresby for the 41st Independence celebration.
She told The National that Simon was very gifted like many women she had come across.
“The designs are so unique and I am intrigued by the talents and gifts they have,” she said.

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