Vendors keen on selling items


THE atmosphere is filling up with excitement as Papua New Guinea’s Independence anniversary is drawing closer and people are looking forward to marking it with a celebration.
Some have family celebrations, others participate in organised activities in cities and centres while others pick the role of spectating or entertaining.
For four mums, however, the occasions is a chance to make some money for the family, and why not, as their business are celebration-related.
Sophie Paya, Kathy Koya, Quida Morris and Annie Tapoya are from the Morata Two settlement at Waigani, Port Moresby and they have decided to do some vending at touristy Ela Beach to take advantage of those visiting the city and the beach.
The four are selling PNG Independence souvenirs – anything and everything in red, black and gold.
Displayed on rope racks from one end of a fence to the other, are meri blouses, shirts, laplaps, flags and other items.
Speaking to The National, Paya said because they were not going to participate in any activities or celebrations come Friday, a public holiday to mark the 41st, they decided to start selling.
She said it’s not only because it’s Independence that they want to do selling, but they do it in all other big events too.
“So this Independence, we decided to sell Independence items.”
They sell Independence shirts for children at K25, for adults at K30, the blouses were going for K100 and bilums and laplaps are sold at different prices.
“For the meri blouses and bilums, we’ve sewn them ourselves, the shirts, we’ve ordered them from Philippines,” Sophie said.
She said they do the same for every year when it comes to Independence.
“We started doing the selling from the start of the month of September and will finish after Independence.”
Sophie said the money they earn from the sales would go to assist them in their daily living, their children school fees and their other life’s necessities.
“It’s a challenge for us as women living in the city. Everything today is for money.
So when we see that there are opportunities for making money, we grab it whenever we can.”
Sophie said as providers of their families, they feel obliged to every day fend for their families and make sure there’s water, food, clothes and money for their families.

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