Vendors without permit warned

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POLICE have urged vendors without permits not to bring betel nuts into the city to sell.
National Capital District Commission police Sergeant Lari Veradi said that following confiscation of 50 bags of betel nuts and 30 bags of mustard from a smuggler last Friday along Waigani Drive.
“The announcement is made clear in the media for vendors to get permit from the NCDC office for K50 if they want to bring in betel nuts from outside.” Veradi said.
“Though we have relaxed the law a bit, that does not mean we stopped (keeping an eye out).
“Vendors will only be allowed with permits and will be escorted directly to the designated areas for selling.
“Those are orders given to keep the city clean and we will comply with the buai (betel nuts) ban law by the authorities to stop smugglers from bringing in betel nuts and selling them on the streets.”
Veradi told The National that some smugglers  used police officers to escort them with their betel nuts into the city.
“The smuggler we apprehended was in a Land Cruiser loaded with bags of betel nuts and escorted by a police vehicle.
“The matter was reported to the NCD police and it is up to them to investigate on their policemen, but our role is just to enforce the buai ban law.” Veradi said.
He said smugglers also reported the matter to the acting NCD Metropolitan Superintendent but he said it was not their business, they were only there to protect people and not betel nuts.

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