Village court officials complete training


EIGHTEEN village court officials from Eastern Highlands, Chimbu and Western Highlands are certified to become trainers.
They completed three weeks of training funded by the United Nations International Children Emergency Fund (Unicef).
The village court and land mediation secretariat and PNG Institute of Public Administration conducted the training in Mt Hagen.
Senior facilitator Jack Kwa said that selected village court officials were trained to become trainers in their respective districts.
Kwa said that during training, officers went through the village court manual in groups and as individual to fully understand it before going out to educate others.
Participants Willie Nor, from Chimbu, said that at most times, they did not know what they were doing.
Nor said that they operated on what they thought and the traditional customs that they had.
He said training is now giving them hope to help fellow officers back in their provinces to perform better and according to law.

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