Village youths takes stand against drugs


TEN youths from Karana village in the Ialibu-Pangia electorate of Southern Highlands surrendered to their leaders last Sunday and promised not to smoke, cultivate or sell marijuana in their community.
This follows efforts by some community leaders in the East Pangia LLG in organising sporting activities for the youths aimed at keeping them away from substance abuse and helping them change their ways.
Pangia police station commander Sgt Jeffery Kereme and his policemen were present to witness the youths surrender to their leaders.
They have taken a strong stand against drugs and home brewed liquor and promised to keep away from all drugs.
The leaders from East Pangia are targeting more than 11,000 people from the eight council wards to change their behaviours and find better things to invest their time and money into that will help improve their lives in the future.
Kereme said it was important for people to take the initiative to help themselves because they were genuine about repenting from their past.
“This is the start of finding a healthy life and I thank the leaders and their people especially the 10 youths that have come forward,” Kereme said.
Cr Akena said they had planned this kind of change for a long time.
He said he was expecting more young people in the eight council wards to do the same because marijuana and homebrew were harmful to their lives and as long as they keep doing drugs, they will not succeed in life.
“We need the people to look at ways to find a meaningful life and get themselves involved in positive activities.
“I commend these 10 young men for taking this bold stand to come out publicly and admit their wrong doings,” Akena said.

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