Villager raises concern over police officers’ use of guns


A VILLAGER says government’s efforts to control the use of guns will fail if those in charge of national security such as the police continued to use arms to threaten people.
Mambuan villager Daniel Muturam, a former PNG Power Ltd director and a professional civil engineer, was responding to an incident at his village involving police officers who used guns to threaten people.
Muturam said the government’s concern over the excessive use of guns and the smuggling of weapons would come to nothing if the police continued to threaten people in villages.
It is reported that rogue police and soldiers destroyed homes at Mambuan village in Bogia, Madang, assaulted people and fired shots.
“I am a professional too. If my life and other small people’s lives are threatened by officers carrying guns around, then I might start buying guns too,” Muturam said.
Mambuan villager Charlie Kasire said a rogue policeman fired four times into the centre of the village missing some women.
Florence Amuki said a vehicle driven by a police officer reversed into her house tearing down one wall. Rose Buror said she was assaulted by an officer who swore at her. The incident happened during counting for the Bogia open seat two weeks before the declaration of new MP Robert Naguri.
A complaint is yet to be lodged with police in Madang.

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