Villagers clear roadblock set up by warring tribes


POLICE have commended leaders in Komo, Hela, for clearing a roadblock on Monday afternoon which had been set up by warring tribes in the area.
Hela police commander Superintendent Michael Welly said leaders from the area managed to convince the Liagame clan to remove the roadblock.
He said the roadblock had affected people trying to access services in Tari town and other centers.
“This move by the leaders to talk to warring tribes to open the barricade is excellent,” Welly said.
“People must not wait for police to do everything.
“They must follow this example and work with police to reduce law and order problems we are facing every day.
“Minimising and solving law and order issues are everyones responsibility to ensure that the community that we live in is free of violence and law and order.” He said the situation was still tense and police were unable to arrest those involved in the killing of a former councilor and wounding of a police officer last week.
“At this point in time, the situation does not allow us (to enter the area) as the warring tribes are armed with high-powered weapons,” he said.
“We cannot go into the middle of the fight and arrest the suspects.
“It is very risky and we are waiting for the right time to have the culprits arrested.”
The councillor was shot dead after being dragged out of a vehicle while two police officers were injured when a convoy of vehicles carrying two MPs was attacked in Komo.
Welly told The National that the group of men were armed with guns and were not afraid of police.
“Policemen in the escort were outgunned and outnumbered and could not do anything. They watched helplessly as the former councilor was dragged out of the deputy governor’s vehicle and shot,” he said.
The attack happened at Liagame village near Komo station in the Komo-Margarima electorate.
Police were escorting Komo-Margarima MP Francis Potape and Minister for Higher Education, Research Science and Technology Francis Marus to inspect higher education institutions in the province when they were attacked.

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