Villagers grateful for donors


A GROUP of villagers have thanked international agencies and their local partners for helping them rebuild their lives after they were hit by the drought.
Kilip Dal villagers in Banz, Jiwaka were one of those affected badly by the drought last year. Village spokesman Mathew Maliye thanked the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), USAID and the European Union for helping them.
He said up to 5000 people at Kilip Dal had faced water shortage and were forced to source water from the Mombol and Kar rivers. They used the water for drinking, cooking and washing even though they knew the water was unsafe.
IOM, USAID, the EU and Unicef intervened by funding borehole projects.
“Lives of people are back to normal now. We have fully recovered. We are drinking from safe water sources. We have rebuilt our gardens because the donors have helped us with crop seedlings,” Maliye said.
Jiwaka disaster risk reduction officer Thomas Mek thanked IOM and USAID for supplying drought-tolerant crop seedlings.
Provincial disaster coordinator John Kupul said about 16,000 people in Jiwaka were grateful to IOM, USIAD and other partners for the water and health project.
He also thanked Oxfam and the Red Cross for supplying mosquito nets, blankets and utensils.

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