Villagers want adult literacy training


BIA-Waria villages in Garaina in the Bulolo district of Morobe have asked to learn to read and write and  be trained as village-birth attendants to help locals cope with life better.
Garaina circuit president Pastor Kai Tapita said more than 3000 people in Waria Valley were illiterate.
The wanted to read, write and access information to help improve their lives.
The area has eight parishes – Kipu-Bia-Waria, Sopa-Bubu, Gaore-Gusuwe, Ono, Sim I and II, Biaru I and II.
Village birth attendant Sakura Ba’ada told the National that only two attendants were there to see to births in six communities – Honepa, Surupia, Saga, Mukeri, Bakeri and Pureno in Bia-Waria ward 17 bordering Northern’s Sohe district.
The only training there was conducted in 1985 when John Orebut was the council manager in Garaina. Orebut is the Markham district administrator now.
“In Bia-Waria, many women endure complications at birth because there is no aid post, so there is less family planning awareness and immunisation programmes are never conducted here,” Ba’ada said.

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