Violence cases increasing, Soi says


THERE is an increase in cases of violence against women and children being reported to the Port Moresby General Hospital Family Support Centre, clinic manager Tessie Soi says.
Soi said 70 per cent of children under the age of 16 have been brought to the centre and the rate was alarming since people from all over Papua New Guinea resided in Port Moresby.
“I like to urge Papua New Guineans out there, please, if anyone is sexually abused or violated, bring them to the centre within the 72 hours to prevent HIV, pregnancy, hepatitis B,” she said.
“We continue with the psychological first aid then we just do counselling then just trying to tell them that they are not at fault especially children.”
She said in a month they received over 30 patients and every year they saw over 1000 patients and that has increased compared to past years.
“The severity of physical abuse is getting worse, before we were seeing just a black eye and now it’s cut and chopping and all those sorts of things and gang rapes are becoming high again,” she said.
“I wish to inform everyone to be careful and if you get into such a situation, come into the family support centre, we are open 8am to 4pm on Monday to Friday and Saturday and Sunday our emergency department is open.”
She said there were other centres around the country which had been supported by the family support centre but the PMGH centre was slightly different as it was under the social works department of the hospital.
“Reason being that although we can plaster the person and all that, we feel that the counselling has to continue because we feel that it is the after-effects that affect the person for life.
“That is why we got it under the social works department of the PMGH.”

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