Violence forces govt services to grind to halt


Government services in the remote Karamui sub-district of Chimbu have stopped due to election-related violence and problems, according to the people.
John Anuambo and Norman Mondo said classes at Karamui High School had stopped since June and health centres and schools were closed.
“There are no public servants – including teachers and health workers. They flew out of Karamui during the election period and have yet to return,” Anuambo said.
He said all forms of government services in the Karamui had stopped destruction to the district administration building about eight weeks ago just compounded the situation there.
“It is sad to see that all government services in Karamui are coming to a standstill, leaving people to suffer in silence,” Mondo said.
He said teachers from nine primary schools (Karepa, Yuro, Yogromaru, Negabo, Talpakul, Masi, Tua, Bomai and Haia) flew out to Kundiawa and Goroka during the national elections and had not returned.
Anuabo and Mondo are calling on local MP Geoffrey Kama, Chimbu Governor Michael Dua and provincial administrator Joe Kunda to immediately intervene to restore basic services.
District chief executive officer Limbia Tiagoba died last month and a replacement is yet to be made.
Karamui-Nomane MP Kama, during his declaration, had promised to restore government services in Karamui.
Karamui is more than 400km south of Kundiawa and is only accessible by light aircraft. It has a population of about 25,000.

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