Violence high in PNG, Kalinoe says


Family Sexual Violence Action Committee (FSVAC) deputy national coordinator Marcia Kalinoe says two out of every five women in PNG are subjected to family sexual violence, which is twice the world average.
Kalinoe said from the reports FSVAC received from the family support centre in Tari shows that PNG has one of the highest rates of family sexual violence and gender-based violence (GBV) issues outside of war zone.
“There is now a Family Protection Act which covers everybody not only women but men and children too,” Kalinoe said
“It is there to strengthen families and to support survivors of violence to access justice and seek protection from the law and to punish perpetrators for violence.”
She adds that advocacy is everyone’s business and if we are silent on key issues affecting families and communities, people will think it is normal to carry on with certain behaviours.
One of the issues faced by most is illiteracy.
People do not know their rights, they don’t know where and how they can access services and also they don’t understand the law, Kalinoe says.

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