Vital that children know Word of God


DISSEMINATING the word of God to children is the most-significant and fundamental approach we should apply in human development.
It is a norm in Christian faith that “fearing God is the beginning of wisdom”.
As we dwell on the phrases, ‘fearing God’ and ‘source of wisdom’, responsible parents should encourage their children to attend Sunday school for God’s word to be imparted at an early stage.
They’ll begin to cultivate a mindset of doing things thoughtfully and able to correct themselves ethically.
Parents, pastors, teachers, counselors and stakeholders that attribute the upbringing of children welfare in developing positive mindset should begin in ensuring God’s word to be imparted.
This strategy is thought to be the only vehicle to bring about positive changes in human integral development.
Let’s continue to embrace and support Sunday school teachers in every church denomination.
They are silently devoting themselves in taking imitative to plant God’s word on every hearts.

Jimmy Kontualie
Nine-Mile Morobe Block

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