Vocational trade should be taught to prisioners: Officer


VOCATIONAL trade should be taught to prisoners before they are released, says a Corrections Officer.
Corporal Kevin Sarea told The National last Friday that prisoners released usually did not have any jobs.
Sarea, who has been a prison officer for more than 20 years, said he had seen criminals go in and out of prisons without showing any effort to change their mindsets.
He said they became repeat prisoners because they had no place in society or could not fit into society.
Sarea said first-time offenders should be separated from those who had been in and out of prison.
“First-time offenders share the same cell as experienced criminals and they share stories and learn from each other’s experience. Next time the first-time offender is out, he will try what he has heard in prison,” Sarea said.
He suggests that prisoners must be taught skills such as carpentry, mechanical engineering, welding and other vocational trades and be employed when they are released.
“Because they have something to live for, they will stop getting involved in criminal activities,” he said.

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