Vote for candidate with political experience: MP


The Motu-Koitabu people in the Moresby North-West electorate witnessed a live music concert by prominent musicians from Central on Saturday.
Long-time artists like Moses Tau, Martin Rawali and Lista Laka performed for the villagers some of their hit songs.
The event was sponsored by sitting MP for Moresby North-West and Minister for Health and HIV/Aids Michael Malabag, pictured,.
Following the concert, Malabag addressed the Motu-Koitabu people at the Baruni oval saying they needed to vote a candidate that has political experience and was recognised for the work he did in the communities.
He said the party he represented, the Peoples National Congress, has done a lot to the people in the country in the last five years through its free education policy, free health policy and infrastructure developments.
Malabag told the Baruni people that had assisted their church and village sports like rugby league and netball,  and helped maintain a number of classrooms. He also told the people that he had reconnected water into the village when it was shut by water company, Eda Ranu.
“My pledge to the church and women’s ministry still remains,” Malabag said.
He said the promised clinic at Hanuabada did not eventuate because of the differences with the United Church who owned the land at Metoria.
Malabag said designs for the clinic were done by Dr Goa Tau of the Department of Health.
He said but church politics was a “stumbling block” as one faction of the church wanted the land to be bought while the other objected the idea.
He said the clinic development was shelved in the meantime.
He told them that Baruni Primary School was selected by a visiting Chinese delegation from Shensen city as a model school, but work was delayed because of land ownership issues, which resulted in the change of project venue to Boteka in Moresby-South electorate.
Malabag said he would write to the Chinese Embassy to honour their initial commitment and put the issue on hold until after the election.

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