Voter education necessary, says Juffa


THE People’s Movement for Change (PMFC) party is embarking on a nationwide voter education drive to allow people to find leaders in 2017 who can truly represent them in Parliament.
In a special meeting with potential candidates last week in Port Moresby, party leader and Northern Governor Gary Juffa said voter education was necessary to find leaders to represent the people.
“Today we have politicians representing our people by literally packaging our country and selling it off for their personal benefits,” he said.
“We have political parties that organise huge fundraisers that ordinary people cannot afford. They sell tables to the well-to-do and foreign businesses that secure their future business interests with the Government while small Papua New Guineans are left with nothing to feed on.”
Juffa said PMFC was not just a political party but a movement that will change Papua New Guinea for the better and in the long haul.
He said his party was owned by the people and their strategy was to involve small to medium enterprise (SME) operators and ordinary people to gather and support if they wanted change.
PMFC will organise public gatherings to gauge support from taxi drivers, bus operators, villagers, youth and elderly people to seek their views on how they think the country should be run.
“We will organise walk-in interviews and party member registration with any interested Papua New Guinean at various locations around the country,” Juffa said.
“This is not early campaigning as we wish to inform people and create awareness so Papua New Guineans are well-informed of the type of leaders they can choose.”
PMFC is about taking back the country from illegal foreign investors, tax evaders, middlemen, money launderers and the cash handout mentality, he said.

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