Voters urged to enrol names for registration


PEOPLE in East New Britain are  urged to enrol their names with their ward recorders in preparation for the 2017 general election.
Provincial returning officer Joab Voivoi said enrolments would be done in the wards and not at the electoral commission office at Vunapope.
Some people have been enquiring where to enrol their names.
Voivoi said enrolment had started in Kokopo. Enrolment will start in Rabaul and Gazelle next week.
Pomio will begin later as the returning officer and his assistants had just received their briefing.
He said Kokopo district had run out of enrolment forms and were now collecting the names of people.
Recorders will later transfer the data to enrolment forms when available.
Meanwhile the enrolment in Kokopo was progressing well.
Voivoi said Duke of York, Bitapaka and Raluana local level governments had completed the enrolment.
Kokopo Vunamami LLG was now almost finished.
“Enrolment started well in Kokopo. We are certain it will progress well for others,” he said.
“People in the province must cooperate with ward recorders in their respective wards so we can get everyone above 18 years enrolled to vote next year.”

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