Voters urged to say no to corruption


A CATHOLIC priest is urging voters to say no to corruption and to avoid bribery and corrupt activities during the election.
Father Mathias Lopa, head of the Papua New Guinea Caritas Rabaul Archdiocese, highlighted those during a recent awareness programme at the Rataval Ward in the Bitapaka local level government area of Kokopo district.
He said only a week was left before the polling period and urged voters to watch out for corrupt activities.
He called on the people to vote wisely.
He was pleased with the outcome of the day’s event which was facilitated by Caritas PNG Tapo Parish Youth and initiated by Team Lamur under Kokopo open candidate Edward Lamur’s campaign team.
The whole programme was an educational event for voters.
Officers from the Electoral Commission also carried out awareness during the event.

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