Wagambie warns criminals


LAE Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr says the law will catch up with criminals who are on the run.
He said that last Friday following a breakthrough in police investigations, resulting in a raid at a criminal hideout on the fringes of the West Taraka suburb in Lae.
During the dawn raid, there was gunfire between police and the criminals, resulting in the death of a gang member.
Police recovered a factory-made AR15 rifle, a number of homemade guns, two-way radios and uniforms belonging to a security company and a food-manufacturing company.
The gang, with between 10 and 20 members, were said to be well organised and getting support from prominent people.
“My warning to criminal elements in Lae is you can do it but you will not always get away with it,” Wagambie said. “You can run but you cannot hide forever.
“We will catch up with you.
“There are more good people out there than bad people.”
After last Thursday’s shooting, six other criminals were shot between 7pm and 10pm the next day at different locations in city.
The first incident was at the China Town area where police intercepted a stolen vehicle and shot five members of a gang, killing one instantly and wounding four others.
According to Wagambie, between 9pm and 10pm Omili police, after receiving a distress call, went to the Speedway area and shot a suspect who was in the process of robbing a shop with two accomplices.
The suspect turned out to be an escapee from the Buiebi Prison in Southern Highlands who was serving time for attempted murder and rape when he escaped.

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