We want Bogia to move forward


THE campaign and polling in Bogia is over.
With counting underway, I am not sure if people had made the right choice for someone who will be serving Bogia in terms of service delivery and development of human resource.
Bogia should not have a leader who will live and serve in the ideology of ‘serving Bogia’ and not ‘serving who voted you’.
I am only making this clear because Bogia is one of the least developing district.
If people have made their choice wrong, we’ll suffer again for the next five years.
The past members like Tolimal, Miangarum, Angua, Tim Wod, and Mollok, have played in the political arena and brought Bogia to how it is today.
Not even a single change since 2002 to 2012.
We want Bogia to also move forward to the next level.
‘True leader will bring back the government of Bogia back to the general public and indigenous people of Bogia.

Concern Agobian

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