Wanted criminal shot dead by police


A MAN wanted by police for various criminal activities died after he was shot last week.
Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr said Timson Bruce was shot by police on the thigh during a raid on a hideout but died later as police were attempting to take him to the hospital.
Wagambie said Bruce was wanted by police for a number of serious crimes including the recent robberies at Pelgen and Bulolo, plus the shootout with police in West Taraka last month.
Wagambie said Bruce and his gang members were hiding in the jungles behind Munum and Nasuampum villages in Huon Gulf.
He said the gang had fled from their West Taraka camp following a shootout with police last month. One of them was shot dead then.
He said Bruce was armed with a factory-made pistol.
“Police apprehended four of his accomplices, one of them was also wounded,” he said.
Wagambie said Bruce and his gang had been issuing threats to police and the public following the recent raid by authorities on their hideout in West Taraka.

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