Wapenamanda finally seeing changes


The Wapenamanda electorate in the Enga is beginning to see and experience the usual campaign promises by intending candidates.
The promises regard bringing change in the electorate and province.
During my childhood, I heard people like the late Malipu Balakau saying he would change to Enga-  host province of the world’s third-largest gold mine in the 1990s.
That was repeated by Mathew Parep, George Yapao, Miki Kaeok and the list goes on.
Some had their chance of going to Parliament but never quite fulfilled the promises while others are still living with the dream.
However, today the people of Wapenamanda are starting to see glimpses of those promises Rim-bink Pato, MP and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Immigration.
Some developments include the Wapenamanda to Tsak Road, Wapenamanda to lowalae Road, the Lae bridge, Wakiam bridge, Tale bridge on Tsak Road, setting up of steel classrooms in high/secondary schools and e-library for Pausa Secondary and the construction of hydro dam to supply electricity in the Tsak Valley.
Mr Minister, we now begin to believe your statements of 2012.
One important point which convinced me is that Mr Pato secured millions from outside to fund those projects.
Our MP is very smart and has been to places which I believe most MPs haven’t to secure such funds.

Kujamada Kanatabuigi, Tsak-Wapenamada

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