War on corruption an ongoing battle


GOVERNMENT corruption has been define as the abuse of public power for private gain. Such abuse has a long history.
For example, the Bible includes a law prohibiting bribery in judicial cases, which shows that the practice was already being monitored over 3500 years ago, (Exodus 23:8).
Of course, corruption involves more than just accepting bribe.
While corruption can exist in any human organisation, it seems that corruption in government is the worse.
The 2014-2015 Global Corruption Barometer published by Transparency International, reported that people worldwide have the perception that the five most corrupt institutions are the political parties, police, public officials, the legislature and the judiciary.
Some 300 public officials in Papua New Guinea have been charged with corruption-related activities.
In the 2017 general election, dozens of MPs, former MPs and high-profile people used public funds to buy political support.
The question is, when will those people be investigated?
Public servants have also been bribed so they may a turn a blind eye to the use of sub-standard materials in buildings.
I have been fighting corruption for 12 years and I know that we can’t make things better unless the government changes the way it does business.

Jonathan Dege
Chimbu province

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