Warning against fees


Papua New Guinea Rugby Football League chairman Sandis Tsaka has warned regional confederations not to impose any player or official fees for the national confederate championship in Lae this weekend.
Since the confederate championship was introduced, PNGRFL had met all the costs involved.
The directors and their development officers from Southern, Northern, Highlands and New Guinea Islands confederates have been informed not to impose an extra burden on players and team officials.
“I call on the players and team officials to report to me any confederate director, development officer or team management is imposing levy fee,” Tsaka said.
“I will not hesitate to severely punish these people who are imposing levy fee as PNGRFL is meeting all the costs for the players and team management to travel to Lae for the national championships.
“While we are meeting all costs involved, charging the players and officials extra fee is not in the best interest of  PNGRFL.”
Tsaka said all the costs such as return air fares, land transport, accommodation and meals were all meet by the national body.
“I don’t know why the players and officials should be charged levy a fee as these are registered members of PNGRFL,” Tsaka said.
“I want to make it clear that in rugby league there is no such thing as a levy fee; other codes can impose this but not in rugby league.”
Tsaka said he would ensure that this was not encouraged in the sport under his administration.
He said what all players and officials needed was their own pocket money to spend in Lae.

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