Warning on weather


NATIONAL Weather Service director Samuel Maiha says because of global warming, the weather is going to determine sustainable development.
Maiha said the amount of rainfall was likely to increase in the future because of global warming.
“This thing (weather) is going to affect our transport infrastructures and our commodities,” Maiha said. He said we could successfully determine sustainable development if we could safely predict future weather patterns and work around them.
“You forget the weather, you can forget talking about sustainable development,” Maiha said.
“The ocean is getting warmer. It will become much more moist. So that needs to be factored in the planning process of every infrastructure.”
He said the weather pattern was going from bad to worse.
Maiha said the planning of transport infrastructures, school infrastructures, health infrastructures must factor in the weather.
“Otherwise it’s no use building a road when you know that it’s going to be washed away,” Maiha said.
He said the Government must invest in real estate that would benefit the country in the long term.
Maiha also said that funds should be established specifically to repair roads and bridges within the shortest possible time.
He rates Jiwaka and Chimbu as “very risky provinces in the Highlands”

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