Warning on selling counterfeit, expired goods


By Martha Deruage
THE Independent Consumer and Competition Commission has warned businesses, particularly retail shops and supermarkets, about the ban on counterfeit, expired goods and non-English labelled products.
Commissioner and chief executive officer Paulus Ain yesterday said some businesses continued to sell those products.
Ain said the ICCC visited several retail shops and supermarkets where they found counterfeit goods, expired goods and non-English labelled goods on the shelves.
He said they would like to ensure that the products bought by a consumer were safe and fit for use and consumption.
The products must also meet local requirements and standards.
The ICCC can take action if:

  • A counterfeit product does not meet the requirement of its interim ban on a non-English foodstuff labelling, or labelling requirement under the Packaging Act 1974;
  • A business/trader advertises a counterfeit product as a genuine product or having characteristic similar to that of a genuine product. The trader can be investigated under the Commercial Advertising (Protection of the Public) Act 1976 for misleading and false advertising; and,
  • The content of the counterfeit products weighs/measures less than the prescribed weight/measure on the package.

The trader can be investigated under the Trade Measurement Act 1973.
Ain said the commission was required to act with reason and within the law and would continue to work within its powers.
“In Papua New Guinea, we do not have a certain requirements for products coming into the country.
“That is why we face these problems,” he said.

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