Warring groups make peace, vow to forgive and move on with life


TWO families reconciled with each other and a huge curse-breaking and restoration programme took place at Kimil in Jiwaka last Friday.
The reconciliation took place as the 15th National Women’s Convention of the Lutheran Renewal Church of PNG ended.
Members of the Pau and Kurkeli families of Krangemba clan, Opei tribe, voluntarily came forward to make peace after a fight in 2014 had resulted in the death of two men from each side.
Members from each family walked up to the pulpit and reconciled before God and man for doing a bad thing.
They vowed from their heart not to hold grudges against each other but seek forgiveness from each other and move on.
The driver of a vehicle that killed a Lutheran Renewal pastor in Kimil last year also reconciled with the pastor’s wife and the church forgave him.
Lutheran Renewal Church Bishop Wilson Mark said 2017 was the year of “being one with God” and the women’s convention brought unity and peace to the people of Kimil and Jiwaka.
“Jesus is the prince of peace,” he said.
“He is the prime minister of this great nation.
“What happens here today is the highlight of the year.
“I, as the senior cabinet minister for reconciliation from the parliament in heaven,  announce and declare that Kimil is one with God.
“Kimil is for Jesus.  God receives glory and heaven rejoices.
“Kimil is known for bloodshed and fights.
“Many people feared it and labelled it ‘outlaw, but after the women’s convention, we feel that God is changing this place forever.”

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