Was there election fraud?


There is general suspicion that some people behaved fraudulently during this general election.
One example was the video shared on Facebook about the marking of ballot papers at the Defence Force Engineering Battalion base at the North Waghi electorate.
Some so-called leaders will definitely be elected to lead in the next five years.
The question here is how they will perform their duties in a democratic system of government since their supporters may have not complied with the election process.
As a matter of fact their action were compromising to the spirit of democracy.
Their conscience will tell them.
One would wonder what would be the motive behind doing that just to win an election.
With the counting and declaration coming through, let’s keep our fingers crossed to see how democracy would prevail in the formation of the next government and see how the new captain and his team will steer the ship through the rough seas ahead.

Tarinake Bond
Mt Hagen

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