Wash project delivers water supply to islanders


THE Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (Wash) programme of Oxfam International brings fresh water supply to 4500 people in five Schouten Island villages of Wewak, East Sepik, last month.
Oxfam International has constructed a gravity fed system, rainwater catchments and wells for Vokeo, Koil, Wei, Ruprup, Biem and Kadawar villages.
The flow of fresh water into the six villages brought great relief and was a timely 41st Independence anniversary present for the islanders.
According to Oxfam communication officer Diane Anton, contractors engaged assessed the villages before determining the best method to access fresh water for them.
A drought response monitoring and evaluation team from Oxfam International visited the villages and commenced helping out on the projects from Sept 5-15.
“The main objective of the trip was to assess, monitor and evaluate construction works that were done in Wewak – Schouten Islands – by Oxfam drought response Wash team based in Wewak,” Anton said.
She said the other reason was to focus on collecting feed-back information and how the projects have helped change or improve their way of life and to provide media coverage on the projects.
The team was led by Bobby Dara, the Oxfam PNG drought response coordinator with other members include Clive Philips, Justin Inamu, Debbie Miria, Jeremiah Hairoku, Linius Misère and Diane Anton.
They we were joined by Stuart Robertson, founder and director for Peace in 10,000 hands.

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