Watchdog concerned about fake products


THE Independent Consumer and Competition Commission can recall products if they are considered harmful to consumers, Commissioner Paulus Ain says.
He said although the ICCC Act had no provision to deal with counter products, it still could recall products.
“We are really concerned and are now going through the process of amending the ICCC Act to address counterfeit product issues in Papua New Guinea,” Ain said.
He said the Intellectual Property Rights Office with the Investment Promotion Authority also dealt with issues relating to counterfeit products.
Ain said he was the only person authorised to release information to the media on matters relating to the ICCC.
Nawaeb MP Kennedy Wenge and Menyamya MP Thomas Pelika had raised concerns over the importation of cheap flash lights, solar panels and LED lights used on vehicles.
They said the cheap flashlights could cause traffic accidents at night.

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