Water-borne diseases claim 7


THREE children were among the seven who died of reported water-borne diseases in Hela after flooding of the Kemo River, a health worker says.
Martin Mandalo, the aid post orderly at Topani village in South Koroba, said six died in the South Koroba local level government and an old man at Egele village in North Koroba also died. He said health problems started in June when the Kemo River flooded areas from Tapari village to Yapiri because of a blocked underground tunnel which it flowed through.  He said the three children were aged between five and seven.
Mandalo said the blockage caused the river level to rise flooding food gardens and homes. It also ruined their fresh water sources.
He said the people were living in the forest eating wild fruits and nuts. The Yalupa Wesleyan Church, community school, aid post and the road from Yalupa to the Topani Catholic church are under water.
“Soon many other people will die. I am calling on the provincial government, National Disaster Office, Government, ExxonMobil and Oil Search in the Lake-Kopiago district to provide relief assistance to the people,” he said.
He said people suffering from malaria, typhoid and dysentery sought medication at the aid post but he was running out of medicine.

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